Meet The Car - Driving Schools Reading

I am currently teaching in a Peugeot 307 HDi. The car is maintained to the highest standard and has never let me down. Below are some images of the car so you can become aware of the car and what to expect on your first attempt.
The car has been with me for a couple of years and gives a great drive in stylish surrounding, it has leather seats, automatic lights and wipes, cruise control, front and rear fog lights, PAS and electric everything.
Stepping inside the car, you can see all the control highlighted above which you will require and below you will see a closer look at the vital control your will require while you are driving.
Above you can see the control and instrument read-outs which you require to ensure that you maintain control of the vehicle. Recently the test has also added the necessity to demonstrate basic maintenance of the car. As such below you can see the essential things which you need to be aware of to pass the test.