Useful Information & Accredited Driving Instructors in Reading

Whether you are learning to drive for the first time or getting some refresher lessons, driving can be a daunting experience for everyone.
That's where we come in with our 30+ years of experience.
We have witnessed the driving experience go through a variety of changes and adapted our teaching every time to ensure that your experience is to the highest standard.
The first place to start is by ensuring that you have a provisional license. This is an essential part to ensure that you are driving legally. More information can be found here:
Once you have your provisional license you can begin driving and should start to think about booking and studying for your Theory test. Introduced in 2004, this exam is aimed at testing 2 theoretical aspects of your driving.
1. Theory Test
    This test is a test of your theoretical knowledge of the highway code. There are many books and exam engines available
2. Hazard Perception Test
    This is a simulator type test where a video is played, during the video clip you must select when hazards are seen on the screen. The aim is to test your awareness of the other items & people on the road.
More information on booking your theory test and possible contents see the link below:
Bear in mind that we will support you throughout all of your endeavours in the theory test.
This brings you onto your final practical test. This test aims at scoring all aspects of your driving skills. More information can be found here: